Texas State Legislation & TCDRS

The Texas State Legislature is not currently in session. The 86th Regular Session will begin on Jan. 8, 2019. We will update this page if anything should arise related to state pension systems during the interim. 

For information about the outcomes of the 85th Legislative Session and the impacts of SB 500 and HB 89 on TCDRS, please see our 2017 Legislation Summary below.

Previous Legislation

You can read summaries of legislation that impacts TCDRS here:

2017 TCDRS Legislation Summary

2015 TCDRS Legislation Summary

2013 TCDRS Legislation Summary

Copies of bills, as well as tracking information, may be found on the Texas Legislature's website. You can use the "Search Legislation" tool to find specific bills by keyword or bill number.

Pension Review Board Documentation

The Pension Review Board (PRB) oversees all Texas public retirement systems. One of the requirements of the PRB is that we create and publish an Investment Return and Assumptions Report (PRB-1000). The report shows our actual rate of investment return and our assumed rate of return over the 10 most recent fiscal years, as well as our annualized rolling rate of return. This report is updated annually. We also provide the PRB with our Investment Policy and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

External Links

House Pensions Committee hearings

Broadcasts of the committee hearings are available in the committee’s broadcast archives.

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