TCDRS Membership

At TCDRS, we serve the people who serve the counties and districts — the employees, retirees and employers that define the unique character of the Lone Star State.

County & District Employers

TCDRS serves nearly 800 Texas counties and diverse districts, like water districts, hospital districts, appraisal districts, emergency services districts and more. We help our employers compete with the private sector to hire and retain talented staff by providing competitive retirement benefits at affordable rates.

TCDRS is not a one-size-fits-all system. Each employer maintains a customized plan of retirement benefits with the flexibility to select benefits and pay for those benefits based on their needs and budgets.

Members & Retirees

We help more than 320,000 county and district employees in Texas save for retirement, disability and survivor benefits. Our members are nurses, mechanics, road crew workers, sheriffs, attorneys, office workers, jailers and judges. They work in our ports, our parks, in urban areas and rural towns. But no matter their title, location or background, they all have one thing in common: Their jobs make our communities better, providing valuable services, such as healthcare, education, utilities and public safety.

By and large, TCDRS retirees continue to live in the communities they served as public employees. That means they’re using their retirement benefits to enrich their hometowns — returning that value to their local community.

Value to Texas

In 2019, TCDRS paid $1.6 billion in benefits to retirees and former members, and 96% of that went to Texas addresses. The map below shows where in Texas we sent benefit payments in 2019.




Those benefit payments supported approximately:

  • $2.4 billion in total economic activity
  • 17,706 jobs created
  • $724 million in additional earnings
  • $1.4 billion added to the Texas gross domestic product


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