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Your TCDRS Plan Options

Every TCDRS plan has four basic provisions: employee deposit rate, employer matching rate, prior service time and retirement eligibility. You customize each provision to find the right fit for your organization.


Employee Deposit Rate

This is the percentage of each employee's paycheck that goes to TCDRS every month. You choose a percentage between 4% and 7%. The more your employees save, the larger their benefit is at retirement. You may change this percentage in the future, if you wish.

Employer Matching Rate

This is the amount you match an employee's TCDRS account balance when he or she retires. It can range from 1:1 (dollar for dollar) up to 2.5:1 ($2.50 for every $1 saved). The higher your matching rate, the bigger an employee's benefit is at retirement. You have the option of adjusting your matching rate in the future.

Prior Service Time

Your employees will be given credit for time they worked before you joined TCDRS. This time counts toward the employee's retirement eligibility. You may also choose to give monetary credit for prior service, for an additional cost.

Retirement Eligibility

This sets the number of years employees must work to earn a lifetime benefit from your TCDRS plan.

  • At Age 60 (vesting): The amount of service time your employees must have to retire at 60 or older. You may choose 5, 8 or 10 years.
  • Rule of: Under these rules, a vested employee may retiree if his or her age plus years of service add up to at least 75 or 80.
  • At Any Age: This lets employees retire when they have 20 or 30 years of service time, no matter how old they are.


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