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Built-in features make us unique

As a participating employer, you are part of a unique statewide retirement plan. Our three primary differences include:

Savings-based: Members save for their own retirement over the length of their careers, unlike many traditional pensions where the benefit is based on a member's final salary.

Responsible funding: Our employers pay 100% of their required contribution rate every year. This ensures that money is there when needed and costs are not pushed on to future generations.

Flexibility and local control:  We administer more than 655 unique plans on behalf of our employers. Each employer can choose benefit levels to meet their needs and budgets.

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Thinking about joining TCDRS?

By joining TCDRS, you can provide your employees with a competitive retirement plan that complements your total compensation package. To learn more about how this plan can benefit you, how it works and if you are eligible to participate, please visit our prospective employer website or call Employer Services at 800-651-3848.