86th Texas Legislature underway

The 86th Texas State Legislature began on Jan. 8, 2019. We will track and monitor bills that could directly or potentially impact TCDRS and, ultimately, our employers’ plans.

Committees that oversee Texas public pensions

The Honorable Dennis Bonnen has been elected as Speaker of the House for the 86th session. The Speaker determines the composition and jurisdiction of the House Committees. Retirement bills will be referred to the Pensions, Investments and Financial Services Committee. Visit our Legislation web page for a full list of committee members.

On the Senate side, the Senate Committee on State Affairs generally holds hearings on bills that affect public pension plans in Texas (such as TCDRS). Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has appointed the committee members for the 86th session, naming Sen. Joan Huffman as chair and Sen. Bryan Hughes as vice chair. A full list of committee members is available on the committee’s web page.

For more details about these committees, visit our Legislation web page.

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