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You’ll find all the forms you need to manage your TCDRS account below. You can view, download and print them using Adobe Reader. If needed, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

Title Description File Name
Download Additional Beneficiary Attachment (TCDRS-95) Member: Beneficiary Information TCDRS-95.pdf
Download Annuitant Beneficiary Designation (TCDRS-85) Member: Beneficiary Information TCDRS-85.pdf
Download Application for Military Service Credit Under USERRA (TCDRS-90) Member: Service Time TCDRS-90.pdf
Download Application for Partial Lump-Sum Payment at Service Retirement (TCDRS-75) Member: Retirement TCDRS-75.pdf
Download Beneficiary Designation (TCDRS-06) Member: Beneficiary Designation TCDRS-06.pdf
Download Change of Address (TCDRS-72) Member: Personal Information Updates TCDRS-72.pdf
Download Direct Deposit Authorization (TCDRS-70) Member: Retirement TCDRS-70.pdf
Download Disability Retirement Application (TCDRS-31) Member: Retirement (Disability) TCDRS-31.pdf
Download Durable Power of Attorney (TCDRS-67) Member: Personal Information Updates TCDRS-67.pdf
Download Group Term Life Beneficiary Designation (TCDRS-51) Member: Beneficiary Information TCDRS-51.pdf
Download Income Tax Withholding (TCDRS-73) Member: Retirement TCDRS-73.pdf
Download Member's Statement on Disability (TCDRS-33) Member: Retirement (Disability) TCDRS-33.pdf
Download Military Service Time Application (TCDRS-92) Member: Service Time TCDRS-92.pdf
Download Physician's Statement on Disability (TCDRS-32) Member: Retirement (Disability) TCDRS-32.pdf
Download Retirement Application (TCDRS-22) Member: Retirement TCDRS-22.pdf
Download Retirement Benefit Options (TCDRS-23) Member: Retirement TCDRS-23.pdf
Download Special Tax Notice (TCDRS-87) Member: Withdrawal and Rollover TCDRS-87.pdf
Download Spousal Consent for Withdrawal (TCDRS-11A) Member: Withdrawal and Rollover TCDRS-11A.pdf
Download Withdrawal Application (TCDRS-11) Member: Withdrawal and Rollover TCDRS-11.pdf