Your plan. Your options.

You are in control — you choose the level of benefits you provide based on your workforce needs and budget.

Plan Administration

It’s All Online

We’ve made it easy for plan administrators to take care of business online, including:

  • Finding information on how plan benefits work
  • Determining compensation
  • Reporting payroll
  • Correcting any errors
  • Entering last day of employment
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Managing Your Plan

Plan Decisions

With TCDRS, you review your plan each year to make sure your benefits are adequate and affordable for your county or district. Your governing board makes several key decisions on an annual basis, including:

  • Amount employees put into the plan each month
  • Matching offered to employees upon retirement
  • Eligibility for employees to receive benefits
  • Adoption of any additional plan options, such as COLAs or Group Term Life
  • Whether to apply any additional funding to your retirement plan
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Provide your employees with reliable retirement benefits in two simple steps.


Employer Services

We’re Here to Help

From dedicated TCDRS representatives to conferences, webinars and more, we offer a wide range of resources to ensure employers get the most out of being a part of TCDRS.

Employer Services

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