3 Ways to See Your TCDRS Savings

Your TCDRS account earns 7% compound interest every year, even if you’re no longer working for your county or district employer. Now is the perfect time to see how your retirement savings continue to grow.

By Kelly E. Lindner

You have three ways to see how your TCDRS benefit can contribute to your retirement security.

  1. Find your milestone. Your service time determines where you are on the road to retirement. When you sign into your online account at TCDRS.org, you’ll see your account balance and service time shown on the Account Summary card. Click the “View details” link and you’ll see exactly where you are when it comes to earning TCDRS benefits, as well as all the specifics of the benefits your employer offers through TCDRS.

  2. Meet 1:1 with TCDRS. Sign up for a free, one-on-one online counseling session with a TCDRS representative. You’ll get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had about your personal retirement journey, even if it’s years away. A 30-minute session can help you plan for and feel more confident about your retirement.

  3. Estimate your benefit payment. Estimating your possible future benefit payment from TCDRS lets you see how that payment can fit into your overall retirement income plan. Our Benefit Estimator lets you see all seven benefit payment options and what they may provide for your beneficiary. Experiment with different retirement dates and see how your future benefit would change!


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