Reading your IRS 1099-R form for 2019

Tax time is around the corner. Before the end of January, TCDRS will mail you a copy of your IRS 1099-R and post it to your online account at

Your IRS 1099-R shows the money paid to you by TCDRS in 2019. You will need it to fill out your 2019 income tax forms. The IRS will accept a printout of your 1099-R for your paper-filed tax return.

If you receive benefits from multiple TCDRS employers, you will receive a separate 1099-R for each account. Watch your mailbox for a 1099-R from each account. It is possible that the forms will arrive on different days.

If you don’t receive your form(s) by mid-February, you can sign into your online account and print a copy, or call TCDRS Member Services at 800-823-7782.

If you have questions about your 1099-R, please visit or call TCDRS Member Services at