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New to TCDRS?

Welcome — and congratulations! Since you’re new to TCDRS, it’s important you understand how membership factors into your overall retirement planning.

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Account Holders

Job Changes & Life Events

Retirement planning is a lifelong process. No matter where life takes you — whether that’s a job change or a major life event, like getting married or having a child — the good news is your TCDRS account travels with you through it all.

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Eligible Members

Starting Your Next Chapter

Becoming eligible puts you that much closer to retirement, but this important milestone isn’t the last step on your journey. Before you apply for retirement, take a little time to find out if you’re really ready.

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Financial Planning
Never Stops

Congratulations! After a long and rewarding career, you’ve retired at last. However, there are a few things you need to consider as you start receiving your TCDRS benefit.

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They don’t disappear when you retire. Having a plan for dealing with taxes during retirement can help you maintain your financial well-being.

Inflation and COLAs

Your TCDRS retirement benefit is a fixed benefit payment but doesn’t account for inflation of goods and services over time.


Your benefit is considered community property, which means your former spouse has a joint interest in it.

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