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This is the archive of all the latest publications from TCDRS, including helpful brochures, recent issues of our newsletters and annual reports. You can view, download and print them using Adobe Reader. If needed, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

Title Description File Name
Download 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Financial Report 2011CAFR.pdf
Download 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Financial Report 2012CAFR.pdf
Download 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Financial Report 2013CAFR.pdf
Download 2013 TCDRS Economic Impact Study General Information EconomicImpact2013.pdf
Download 2014 TCDRS Economic Impact Study General Information EconomicImpact2014.pdf
Download 2015 Direct Deposit Calendar General Information DirectDepositCalendar2015.pdf
Download Buying Back Your Benefit Brochure BuyingBackYourBenefit.pdf
Download Connections Fall 2014 Newsletter ConnectionsFall2014.pdf
Download Connections Spring 2015 Newsletter ConnectionsSpring2015.pdf
Download Connections Summer 2014 Newsletter ConnectionsSummer2014.pdf
Download Group Term Life Brochure OptionalGroupTermLife.pdf
Download Horizons Fall 2014 Newsletter HorizonsFall2014.pdf
Download Horizons Spring 2015 Newsletter HorizonsSpring2015.pdf
Download Horizons Summer 2014 Newsletter HorizonsSummer2014.pdf
Download In Memoriam Fall 2014 General Information In Memoriam Fall 2014.pdf
Download In Memoriam Summer 2014 General Information In Memoriam Summer 2014.pdf
Download In Memoriam Winter 2014 General Information In Memoriam Winter 2014.pdf
Download Leaving Your County or District Job Brochure LeavingYourJob.pdf
Download Managing Multiple TCDRS Accounts Brochure ManagingMultipleAccounts.pdf
Download Military Service Credit Brochure MilitaryServiceCredit.pdf
Download Naming a Beneficiary Brochure NamingABeneficiary.pdf
Download New TCDRS Legislation 2015 Legislation New TCDRS Legislation 2015.pdf
Download Partial Lump-Sum Payment at Retirement General Information PartialLumpSumPaymentSheet.pdf
Download Proportionate Retirement Program Brochure ProportionateRetirementProgram.pdf
Download Reading your 1099 for 2014 Brochure Reading your 1099 for 2014.pdf
Download Retirement Toolkit General Information Retirement Toolkit.pdf
Download Review Your Account Information General Information ReviewYourAcctInfo.pdf
Download Serving Texans Brochure ServingTexans.pdf
Download Smart August 2014 Newsletter Smart August 2014.pdf
Download Smart February 2015 Newsletter Smart February 2015.pdf
Download Smart November 2014 Newsletter Smart November 2014.pdf
Download Survivor Benefit Brochure SurvivorBenefit.pdf
Download TCDRS Doing Retirement Right Card Brochure TCDRSDoingRetirementRightCard.pdf
Download TCDRS Guide to Member Benefits Brochure GuidetoMemberBenefits.pdf
Download TCDRS Vesting Brochure Vesting.pdf
Download TCDRS Web Registration Flyer Brochure TCDRS Web Registration Flyer.pdf
Download Transition to Retirement Brochure TransitionToRetirement.pdf
Download USERRA and Your Military Service Brochure USERRAandMilitaryService.pdf