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Military Service Time

You may be able to receive service time for time served in the U.S. Military before you became a TCDRS member, and you can count that service time toward your retirement eligibility.

What You Need

You can get service time for up to 60 months (or five years) of active military service under the following conditions:

  • Your discharge was under honorable conditions.
  • You have enough service time to be eligible. Sign in and check your Personal Plan Summary to see if your employer requires 5, 8 or 10 years of TCDRS service, or call TCDRS Member Services at
  • You haven't applied for military service time in another Texas public retirement system.

What To Do Next

Complete a Military Service Time Application (TCDRS-92) and return it to TCDRS, along with a copy of your DD-214 or other discharge documents.

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Other Resources for Veterans

Texas Veterans Portal
This website provides information about resources and services the State of Texas offers to veterans, their families and their survivors. The link will open a new web page and is provided for informational purposes only.