5 most-asked retirement questions by members

If your employees have questions about their TCDRS benefit, you can give them these five frequently-asked-and-answered-retirement questions to help them prepare:

  1. What am I not asking that I should? “People close to retirement are anxious that they’re not asking the right questions or thinking of everything before they retire,” says Lisa Idais, Manager of the TCDRS Member Services Field Representatives. That’s why it’s such a good idea for members to talk to a TCDRS representative, who will help them think through budgeting, the impact of taxes and inflation, retirement and Social Security timing, and whether they’ll have enough activity or social engagement in retirement. “The mental changes in retirement are just as important as the monetary,” Lisa says.

  2. How much money will I get? When members estimate their benefits at TCDRS.org, how close are the estimates to their future benefit? “The closer the member is to retirement, the closer their estimate will be to their actual future benefit,” Lisa says. Taxes, however, won’t be included in the estimate. Members interested in seeing how taxes might impact their estimate should call TCDRS Member Services at 800-823-7782.

  3. How will I get health insurance? “TCDRS manages retirement benefits only,” Lisa says. “Members should talk to their employer to find out about their healthcare options and if any retiree health coverage is provided. They should also apply for Medicare.” Learn more in our Destination Retirement guide.

  4. What if I need more money in retirement? “We encourage them to save in alternative ways like 457 plans through their employer or personal savings,” Lisa says. “This is especially helpful for early or mid-career members who have the time-value of money to build their savings. The earlier they start, the less they have to put in to build a healthy retirement.”

  5. What benefit payment option do most people choose? “Everyone’s situation is different,” Lisa says. “The best option for the member depends on what they need for their lifetime and whether they need to financially provide for someone else when they pass away.” Learn more about our seven options in our Selecting a Benefit Payment Option video.

For more information, encourage your employees to visit TCDRS.org/OnlineCounseling or call TCDRS Member Services at 800-823-7782.

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