TCDRS Governance

TCDRS was created by the Texas Legislature in 1967 to provide Texas county and district employees with retirement, disability and survivor benefits. Our structure and operations are governed by state and federal law; however, we do not receive state funding.

Board of Trustees

The TCDRS Board of Trustees provides leadership for the system, which serves more than 294,000 TCDRS members and retirees. Our independent, nine-member board is comprised of system members and retirees appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Texas Senate.

TCDRS trustees serve staggered six-year terms and have oversight of all system operations, including the annual budget, policy determination, legislative proposals and investment policy.

The board appoints a director to manage the day-to-day operations of TCDRS and an investment officer to oversee TCDRS investments.

Current Board Members

Robert A. Eckels

Harris County Judge (Retired)

Term expires Dec. 31, 2019

Bob Willis

Polk County Commissioner

Term expires Dec. 31, 2019

Chris Davis

Cherokee County Judge
Term expires Dec. 31, 2021

Susan Fletcher

Collin County Commissioner
Term expires Dec. 31, 2023

Deborah Hunt

Williamson Central Appraisal District
Board of Directors

Term expires Dec. 31, 2021

Bridget McDowell

Taylor County Auditor (Retired)
Term expires Dec. 31, 2019

Mary Louise Nicholson

Tarrant County Clerk
Term expires Dec. 31, 2023

Kara Sands

Nueces County Clerk
Term expires Dec. 31, 2023


The board holds four regular meetings a year and special meetings as needed. Notices of all meetings are provided to the Texas Secretary of State and are posted in the electronic edition of the Texas Register. All board meetings are held at:

Barton Oaks Plaza IV, Ste. 500
901 S. MoPac Expy.
Austin, TX 78746

2019 scheduled meeting dates

February 13 Agenda
 April 11 Agenda
 June 27 Agenda
 September 12
 December 5
TCDRS will post board meeting agendas on our website nine days prior to the meeting date.

Past Meeting Minutes

June 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

September 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

December 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

February 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

April 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the previous meeting will be posted approximately one week after the board's approval at the next subsequent meeting.






Governance Documents


Our governing legislation.

TCDRS Administrative Code

Rules adopted by the TCDRS Board of Trustees that apply to TCDRS business processes.

TCDRS Investment Policy

Set by the board of trustees to manage investments.

TCDRS Governance Policy

Our governance model for defining and achieving the strategic goals.

TCDRS Ethics Policy

Sets basic principles and guidelines for trustees and TCDRS employees.

TCDRS Funding Policy

The funding policy governs how TCDRS determines the employer contributions required to ensure that benefits provided to TCDRS members are funded in a reasonable and equitable manner.

Contact the
TCDRS Board of Trustees

You may contact the TCDRS board or any individual trustee in care of:

Barton Oaks Plaza IV, Ste. 500
901 S. MoPac Expy.
Austin, TX 78746

Open Records Requests

To submit an open records request, you may:

  • Send an email to:
  • Send a letter to TCDRS at:
    Barton Oaks Plaza IV, Ste. 500
    901 S. MoPac Expy.
    Austin, TX 78746
  • Visit our offices at:
    Barton Oaks Plaza IV, Ste. 500
    901 S. MoPac Expy.
    Austin TX 78746

For more details about the Public Information Act, please read this information sheet from the Texas Attorney General's Office.


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