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Get quick answers to some of the most common questions being asked about TCDRS in our new online FAQs articles.

Visit our FAQs page to get a refresher on employee topics such as:
  • Accessing their Online Account: Find out what your employees need to know when they claim their TCDRS online accounts and see what they can take charge of once they’re registered.
  • Applying for Retirement: Discover answers to common questions that come up when your retirement-eligible employees began filling out the online retirement application.
  • Changing Jobs: Learn about the options available for your employees’ TCDRS accounts when they separate from employment.
  • Earning Service Time: See a breakdown of how TCDRS service time works, complete with tips on vesting and proportionate service time.
  • How Savings Grow: Explore what factors affect your employees’ TCDRS account balance and the numbers they see when they sign into their online accounts.
  • Retiree Account: Get an overview of all the things TCDRS retirees need to know, from direct deposit dates to tips on managing their online account.
  • Updating Contact or Account Information: Help your employees master the basics of quickly updating their own contact information and beneficiaries online.
We have FAQs for you, too:
  • Enrolling New Employees: Start here for answers to common questions about enrolling new employees in TCDRS. We also provide links to additional resources you can use to educate employees about your retirement benefit.
  • Exiting Employees: Find information on when and how to enter an employee’s last date of employment.
  • Yearly Plan Decisions: Learn why rates change, where you can see the impact of plan changes and what resources you have to support you while reviewing your plan every year.

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