Submitting Payment to TCDRS

You can choose one of three different ways to submit your payments to TCDRS. If you have any questions about these payment methods, please contact your Employer Services Representative at 800-651-3848.

ACH credit allows you to initiate a payment to TCDRS from your bank account through the ACH network. ACH credit does not always transfer funds to TCDRS on the same day. If you choose this payment method, please keep your payment due date in mind when scheduling your payment. In addition to payroll reporting payments, you can use ACH credit for one-time payments, such as lump-sum contributions.

You can use a wire transfer to move funds directly between banks on the same day. You initiate the transfer. Before choosing this method, please discuss the process with your bank representative, so you understand wire transfer deadlines and associated fees. In addition to payroll reporting payments, you can use wire transfer for one-time payments, such as lump-sum contributions.

ACH debit allows TCDRS to transfer money from your county or district bank account to our bank account. We never withdraw money from your account before the report due date for the month. To sign up for ACH debit, please contact your Employer Services Representative.

A Note on Late Penalty Charges

By law, we must charge a $500 penalty plus interest for late reports and payments. Please keep this in mind when sending in your payment, regardless of the payment method you use.


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