Special Membership Categories

There are several special membership categories that you will use to determine whether or not someone should be enrolled in TCDRS.

There are several special membership categories:

District judges and attorneys: Counties may choose whether or not to enroll district judges and prosecuting attorneys.

Probation department employees: These employees should be enrolled in TCDRS within the county designated by the supervising district judge.

AgriLife county extension agents: Extension agents should not be enrolled in TCDRS.

Employees with multiple TCDRS accounts: Employees who work at the same time for two or more TCDRS participating employers (such as court reporters) should be enrolled in each employer’s retirement plan.

Employees covered by another retirement system: Some employees who receive payment from you may be covered for much of their total salary by another public retirement system:

  • Employees Retirement System of Texas

  • Teacher Retirement System of Texas

  • Judicial Retirement System of Texas

  • Texas Municipal Retirement System

  • City of Austin Employees' Retirement System

Please contact your Employer Services Representative to determine if these employees are eligible to participate with TCDRS based on the compensation you provide them.


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