Employee Participation

All of your employees must be enrolled in TCDRS. Only temporary employees may be excluded from enrollment.

You, as the employer, identify any “temporary” employees. When determining if an employee is temporary, ask yourself:

  • Will I employ that person only for the duration of a specific project?

  • Have I hired this person to fill a position until I can hire a non-temporary employee to fill it?

  • Is the position seasonal?

  • Do employees in the position customarily and consistently leave employment after a short period?

It is a good idea to review the situation periodically. An employee’s status may change. If an employee’s status changes from temporary to permanent, benefits are not retroactive. If you have any questions regarding enrollment of employees, please call your Employer Services Representative at 800-651-3848.

Probationary periods

There are no probationary periods for employees participating in TCDRS. If you have a waiting period for health benefits, you must still deduct retirement deposits starting with the employee’s first paycheck.

Plan Administration

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