Terminating Employees

Providing Termination Dates to TCDRS

Entering termination dates for your exiting employees saves you time and reduces your paperwork. Timely entry of a termination date will help ensure that there are no delays when a former employee requests a withdrawal or wants to retire.

When to Provide Termination Dates

You can enter a termination date for your employees as soon as you get notice that they are leaving your county or district. You don’t have to wait until they stop working for you.

Keep in mind that the termination date you enter should be within 6 months (past or future) of the day your enter it. 

How to Provide Termination Dates

You can enter termination dates for employees individually or you can upload a file that contains termination dates for many employees.

If you choose to upload a file, the file must be in a CSV format. Instructions and file requirements are available.

More Resources

A step-by-step tutorial of the termination entry process is available here. If you have
any questions about how to enter termination dates, please call TCDRS Employer Services at 800-651-3848.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only for employees with termination dates after Aug. 1, 2017.

When we started collecting termination data from employers, we added termination dates for members with no deposits to their accounts within a certain timeframe. The termination date is the same as their last deposit date. This was a one-time thing.

You can view all the termination history when you sign in as an employer and select "Employee Terminations" from the left menu.

To change a termination date for an employee with an open account, just type the new data into the “Termination Date” field to override the previous one. If you need to remove a termination date (or update a termination date for an employee with a closed account), please call TCDRS Member Services at 800-823-7782.

Call TCDRS Member Services at 800-823-7782 and they can remove the termination date.

If you forget to call Member Services, TCDRS will call you. We will remove the termination date (if the employee is staying) or update the termination date (if the employee is leaving in the future).

After an employee terminates, you may discover that they have more money coming to them. For example, that money may come from PTO or vacation time, both of which are included in TCDRS deposits.

You don’t have to do anything special to add that money to that employee’s account. Just include the deposit amount in your regular payroll report. TCDRS will take care of the rest.

When you enter a termination date for an employee, you must check a box that states there is no arrangement or agreement that you will rehire that employee.

Once you certify that your employee has terminated employment, the employee can leave their money in their TCDRS account, withdraw their account balance or, if eligible, retire from TCDRS.

However, TCDRS may not allow the terminated employee to withdraw or begin a retirement benefit unless the termination meets the requirements of a bona fide separation. Visit our Rehiring Employees and Retirees page for more about bona fide separation.

Please call TCDRS Member Services at 800-823-7782 to have the termination date removed.

However, if they did withdraw or apply for benefits, they cannot return to work (without it being considered an in-service distribution, which is prohibited by the IRS) unless two conditions are met: a bona fide separation in service (certification that there was no agreement that they would return to work) and the passing of a full calendar month. For example, if they separated in April, the earliest they could return to work is June. Visit our Rehiring Employees and Retirees page for more about bona fide separation.

TCDRS will call you if an account hasn’t received a deposit for 90 days and doesn’t have a termination date. We understand there are other reasons for no deposits.

We will also call if one of your former employees wants to withdraw their account or retire, and doesn’t have a termination date. Not having a termination date could delay their withdrawal or retirement.

For help call TCDRS Member Services at 800-823-7782.


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