Getting Divorced After Retirement

Your benefit is considered community property, which means your former spouse has a joint interest in it. Every case is different, however, and you have a variety of options in a divorce settlement.

If you are going through a divorce, please call Member Services at 800-823-7782, so we can provide you with information about how a divorce may affect your TCDRS benefits.

Please note: There is a different process for getting divorced before you retire.


You May Not Have to Split Your Benefit

The law does not require you to split your benefit. Your former spouse may waive claim to your benefit in the division of your shared assets and property.


If You Decide to Split Your Benefit

TCDRS cannot give you legal advice, but there are specific legal requirements you must follow:

TCDRS can provide your benefit amount and estimates of your benefit value, which may be useful in dividing your assets.


Keep Your Information Up to Date

Please contact Member Services at 800-823-7782 for help updating any of the following if they apply to you:

  • Your beneficiaries

  • Your address

  • Your legal name

  • Your banking information 


Upload Your Documents

You can upload a number of divorce-related forms to your account using the document upload feature. To use this feature, sign into your account and select “Upload a form or document” from the box labeled “Documents.” 

You will then be asked to select a document type from a drop-down list that is based on these categories:

  • Payment Replacement

  • Divorce/Legal

  • Direct Deposit Update

Once your documents have been submitted, a history of your uploads will appear in the “Document” section of your Account Summary page. You may not open or alter a document after it has been uploaded. TCDRS accepts forms saved as a JPG, PNG or PDF file.

For questions or help accessing your account online, please contact Member Services at 800-823-7782.

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