Retiree Benefit Statement FAQs

Each January, TCDRS mails retirees a Benefit Statement, which confirms your monthly benefit payment for the upcoming year.

Q) Who gets a benefit statement?

A) If you receive a monthly benefit payment from TCDRS, you will receive a Benefit Statement. If you receive payments from multiple employers, you will receive a Benefit Statement for each one.


Q) What does my benefit statement show me?

A) Your TCDRS Benefit Statement shows what your benefit payment will be for the upcoming year. Your payment amount may change from year to year due to tax table changes or if your employer passes a cost-of-living adjustment.


Q) Where can I find my benefit statement?

A) Your benefit statement will be posted to your online account each January. You can download a copy by signing into your account at and selecting it from the Documents box. (If you’re not registered yet, learn more about what retirees can do online.) In addition to accessing it online, we will mail you a copy of it in January.


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