For more than 50 years, TCDRS has been a model for providing reliable retirement benefits. Our unique features keep us financially strong:

  • Savings based: Employees save for their own retirement over the length of their careers. Their benefits are based on how much they’ve saved and employer matching at retirement. This makes the cost to pay for those benefits, as well as the benefit itself, more predictable than other retirement plans.
  • Responsible funding: Employers pay 100% of their required contribution rate every year. This ensures the money is there when needed.
  • Flexibility and local control: Employers can select benefits to meet their workforce needs and budgets. This level of flexibility is not standard in most retirement plans.



Average Retiree Profile
Age at retirement: 61
Average years of service: 18
Average annual benefit at retirement: $24,548
(Including beneficiaries)
Average annual benefit at retirement: $22,468
(Retirees only)


Responsibly funded retirement plans, like TCDRS, benefit everyone — not just the employees receiving the benefit. Retirement plans are engines for the local and state economy.

In 2019, TCDRS paid $1.6 billion in total benefits to retirees and former employees. More than 96% of those payments went to Texas addresses. Many of our retirees continue to live in the communities they served as public employees, which means their benefits return value to their local economies.

For the Texas economy, those payments supported:

  • $2.4 billion in total economic activity
  • 17,706 jobs created
  • $724 million in additional earnings
  • $1.4 billion added to the Texas gross domestic product


    TCDRS is independently funded by employer contributions, employee deposits and investment earnings.

    TCDRS Investments

    As of Dec. 31, 2019, TCDRS has nearly $34 billion in net assets and our 30-year investment return is 8.0%. We’ve outperformed our portfolio benchmarks over the 10-, 20- and 30-year time periods. The current year's estimated quarterly returns are available in Recent Activity

    TCDRS Investment Results 

    See our results for yourself.


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