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TCDRS not affiliated with promotional email campaign

An email campaign has been targeting TCDRS members to possibly promote retirement planning services. This company is not affiliated with TCDRS.  TCDRS did not authorize these communications nor share your contact informatio...

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You CAN Do That Online

Whether a member or retiree, there are many things you can do when you sign in at .  If you haven’t yet registered online, it’s quick and easy. Visit  and click “Register” on th...

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Reading IRS 1099-R form for 2019

Tax time is around the corner. Before the end of January, TCDRS will mail you a copy of your IRS 1099-R and post it to your online account at . Your IRS 1099-R shows the money paid to you by TCDRS in 2019. You wil...

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TCDRS Elects Chair and Vice Chair

The Board of Trustees of the Texas County & District Retirement System (TCDRS) elected Tarrant County Clerk Mary Louise Nicholson as its new vice chair and re-elected former Harris County Judge Robert Eckels as chair at its Decem...

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5 Emojis of Retirement

                    Lucille Ball had a talent for showing emotions. (She may have been the original emoji.) But #retirement planning doesn’t have to make your f...

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New Trustee Appointed To TCDRS Board

Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed Collin County Judge Chris Hill to serve on the nine-member TCDRS Board of Trustees for a term set to expire on Dec. 31, 2021.    ...

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Three Trustees Appointed to the TCDRS Board

Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed Susan Fletcher and Kara Sands, and reappointed Mary Louise Nicholson, to serve on the nine-member TCDRS Board of Trustees for terms set to expire on Dec. 31, 2023. ...

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TCDRS Board Updates Capital Market Assumptions

The TCDRS Board of Trustees has reviewed and updated our capital market assumptions for 2019. The revised assumptions are available online. Capital market assumptions help us build a diversified portfolio. They are forward-loo...

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Asset Allocation Targets Adjusted 2019

  TCDRS trustees and investment staff carefully construct our portfolio to achieve our long-term investment goal of 8% within an acceptable level of risk. Based on the capital market assumptions adopted at their April mee...

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Spring 2019 Horizons now available

    In 2017, Vance Hinds weighed 475 pounds. A year later, he was down to 277 pounds. Find out how he lost the weight while gaining thousands of followers on social media in this issue of Horizons . You’ll also...

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