3 Ways to Invest in Yourself

Think of self-care as "self-investment." Remember who you're saving for!

Story by John Martin

If you’re here, you already know it’s important to save for your financial future. Making smart money moves today can pave the way for a rewarding retirement.

However, it’s all too easy to focus so much on tomorrow that you forget about today. Remember who you’re saving for! Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from all the noise and find ways to invest in yourself in the here and now.

Here are three ways to get started:

Fill your cup first

Think of “self-care” as “self-investment”. Taking care of others is amazing, but make sure to prioritize your own mental, physical and financial health, too. Otherwise, the build-up of not taking care of yourself can cause you to make poor spending decisions under pressure and even experience burnout. It’s far easier to create positive space for others when you yourself are happy.

Treat yourself

Treating yourself doesn’t mean breaking the bank on a brand-new sports car. Setting a bit of money aside for things you enjoy can be instrumental in maintaining your mental health. Even professional body builders will have a piece of chocolate occasionally, and that small reward can help them refuel to keep training hard.

Time isn’t always money

Quality time is often overlooked as a waste of time. The world moves fast, and it can feel like taking a moment to catch your breath will leave you behind. But spending quality time with your loved ones or even by yourself doing things you enjoy will help remind you what exactly what you’re working for.

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