Eyes on the Prize

We spoke with Jacquea Lampkins of the North Texas Emergency Communications Center and Reina Reyna of the Dallas County Treasurer’s Office to find out how they overcome savings challenges. Here are some of their go-to strategies.

By Rebecca L. Bennett


Jacquea Lampkins
TCDRS member since 2016

Know your income and expenses …
“When I know how much available funds I have after paying all monthly necessities — such as rent/mortgage, electric bill, water bill, phone bill, gas allowance, food costs and an emergency fund — I can plan my additional spending and saving accordingly.”

… then explore investing.
“After you understand your financial position, research ways to safely invest funds into money-growing accounts. I take extra funds and enroll them in accounts with the best financial growth opportunities.”

Think of money as a way to earn fun.
“When know how much I can save and spend on extracurricular activities and paying off debt, I can actually enjoy life activities.”


Reina Reyna
TCDRS member since 2012

 Start a 457(b) or IRA.
“We have the option to open a 457(b) plan, and every paycheck, money is being taken out before taxes,” Reina says. “This will help me when I do retire, or if I had an emergency.”

Save a little every week.
Reina is all for Starbucks runs and shopping, but regardless of how much fun she’s having, “I put $50 into my savings account every week for emergencies.”

Think about the future.
Reina’s dad taught her the importance of saving. “You never know when you’ll need it,” she says. “When I’m eligible to retire, I want to retire at ease and not have to worry about paying bills or getting a part-time job.”


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