Be a Payroll Pro: Use Your New Rates

When you submit your January payroll report to TCDRS, please remember to use your new contribution rates.

To find your latest rates, sign into with your employer credentials and navigate to “Our Plan” in the left menu. There, you will see the details of your plan, including your current rate.

You can also find your current rates by selecting “Payroll & Contributions” from the left menu. Next, click “Upload Payroll Report”. Your current rates will be displayed in the gray box in the “Upload Payroll Report” window.

Remember, if you are submitting your December payroll report, you should still use your previous year’s rate, even though the report is due in January. You can view the payroll reporting and payment due dates for the current year here, visit the Employer Plan Administration page.

Please contact your TCDRS Employer Services Representative at 800-651-3848 with any questions.

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