Paperless FAQs

We’re moving our processes online and getting rid of paper forms in 2023. Now your employees can quickly and securely manage their TCDRS accounts either online or over the phone --- no forms required!

What does going paperless mean?

No more printable forms or paper applications! By signing into their online account or calling TCDRS Member Services, your employees can:

  • Designate or change a beneficiary
  • Request additional service time
  • Update personal information
  • Apply for retirement or withdrawal

For you as an employer, going paperless also means no paper forms for you to maintain, complete and send.

How can I help with the transition?
  • Encourage your employees to register at For security purposes, employees should register from their personal computer at home or on their mobile device. You can see which of your employees still need to register in the Non-Registered Employees report in your employer account.

  • Cut paper out of your processes. Now that members can designate beneficiaries and apply for benefits online, there’s no need to use paper forms.

  • If an employee requires help registering their TCDRS account, encourage them to call TCDRS Member Services for assistance. Our representatives can help with registration, account updates and applying for benefits in both English and Spanish.

When should I remove paper from my processes?


All paper copies of TCDRS forms are now out of date and should be discarded. We are removing printable forms for most digitally offered processes from our website.

Please make sure you remove any TCDRS forms from your organization's internal website.

We will stop accepting paper forms for most processes in October 2023.

What if an employee doesn’t want to register online?

No problem! Employees who do not wish to register online can apply for benefits and make account changes over the phone when they call Member Services.

They can also schedule an online counseling session with a Member Services Representative. Additionally, you can make changes for your employees in your employer account.

For security reasons, if you have an employee who does not want to register online, we recommend they ask us to lock their account so that nobody else can try to claim it.

How can TCDRS help with the transition? 

Our Employer Services Representatives can meet with your staff to show them how the website works, help you identify where paper may still be coming from and provide reports showing your progress both on reducing paper and getting your employees registered online.

We would love to get in touch with you! Please contact your Employer Services Representative for more information.

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