See 7 Payment Options the Fast Way

Sign into your online account at to find out what your retirement benefit might be. You can see all 7 options side by side with the Benefit Payment Estimator tool.

Our Benefit Payment Estimator gives you the power to experiment with as many final dates of employment and retirement dates as you’d like, so you can see just how timing affects your monthly benefit payment. The longer you work for your county or district employer, the higher your TCDRS monthly benefit payment will be.

For each estimate you run, our Benefit Payment Estimator displays the payment amounts for each of our seven benefit payment options side by side. This handy illustration can be downloaded and saved as a PDF file on your computer.

Knowing just how much income you can expect from TCDRS can help you decide when the time is right to retire.

You can learn more about these options in our Selecting a Benefit Payment Option video.

How to Get a Benefit Estimate

  • Sign into your online account at
  • Click the “Estimate benefit” button in the “Plan for Retirement” section.
  • Enter the last day you expect to work and your planned retirement date.
  • Select a beneficiary and click “Estimate”.
  • Click “Save” in the top right to download a copy.