Survivor Benefit

If you have four or more years of TCDRS service, your beneficiary has the option of receiving a lifetime monthly payment from your account if you pass away before you retire.

Called the Survivor Benefit, this monthly payment is made up of your deposits and interest, as well as employer matching. Your beneficiary doesn’t have to wait until you would have been eligible to retire. He or she can begin taking the benefit immediately.

The Survivor Benefit is not tied to your employment. It's tied to your TCDRS account. As long as you have four or more years of TCDRS service and money in your account, your beneficiary can choose a lifetime monthly benefit.

If you aren’t eligible for the Survivor Benefit, TCDRS will pay your account balance, including deposits and interest, to your beneficiaries. See Naming a Beneficiary for details on beneficiary selection.


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