How Your TCDRS Savings Grow

Your retirement savings earn 7% compound interest each year, regardless of the economy. Reliability is a big deal when it comes to savings.

With every paycheck, you are depositing money into your TCDRS account. This money may become a source of income for you when you retire someday.

Each year, your account earns 7% compound interest based on your account balance as of Jan.1. Compound interest helps your account balance grow even faster.

You receive this 7% compound interest no matter what. Regardless of the economy, your money will keep earning 7% interest as long as it’s in your TCDRS account.

Years from now, when you are eligible and choose to retire, you can get a benefit payment every month for the rest of your life. The amount of money you get will depend on your final account balance and employer matching at retirement.

The longer you keep your money in TCDRS, the bigger your account balance will grow. Time is on your side!


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